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Surgical gauzes

 Although all medical gauzes seems equal, our product is different from the others by far. Just view it in zoom, to understand why the Quirutex® gauze  has a superior performance of larger gauge wire, the fabric is very firm to avoid landslides, while remaining very soft, completely  impurities free, and unchanged even after sterilization processes. 

  •  Surgical Gauze Roll

Medical  gauze made of 100% natural cotton,  with high absorption and retention of fluids. It's manufactured according international standards of  USP (United States Pharmacopeia) with top quality and aseptic conditions.



Roll  of 1 x 100 yds, 1x90 yds, 1x80 yds, 1x70 yds, 1x50 yds y 1x25 yds, in thick plastic bag.

Available in  USP/BP IV a VII type, in quality Premium and economic.



  •  Pharmacy  surgical gauze presentation.

Pre-cut and folded multipurpose (cleaning, healing, among many others) surgical gauze, very soft, non-sterile, made from 100% natural cotton, offers high performance, absorption and retention. Ideal for all types of kits (home, car, industry), and daily use  facial cleaning. Completely hypoallergenic, manufactured according to USP standards.



Available in sponges de 1x1 yds, 1/2x1/2 yds, 1/2x1 yds, and roll de 1/2x5 y 1x5 yds.



  •   Other gauze products

In addition, we sell different presentations of surgical gauzes, steriles and non steriles, with or without radiopaque contrast element, as premium, or economic,  in type V to VII, as well as develop products tailored to customer needs. (See also gauze sponges, lap sponges, dressings). 


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