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Healing more soon

  • More than a slogan ...


Mejórate más pronto (Get well soon), summarizes all our knowledge, experience, commitment, technology, commitment and our philosophy of continuous improvement, to ensure that our products meet their intention: to help heal in a shorter time than those of its kind available in the market. This has been the result of several years of learning, the responsibility for doing things right, and the implementation of best industry practices, that have led us to deliver products and services of highest quality.
Our products are manufactured under international quality standards with the highest standards, 100% hypoallergenic materials, which promote a reduction in healing time of wounds, postoperative and curative treatment. Our commitment is directly linked to health, life, as a wound that heals in less time means that the body will be less exposed to microorganisms and hazardous agents, which also means a reduction in major medical costs for both institutions and patients.


Our value proposition always guarantee homogeneity in the product with a high quality, support, accurate measurement, performance and exceptional performance.



  • It is a commitment to quality ...


Since the begining of our company are committed to quality, so it was several years ago by the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards - ICONTEC, we formed the committee of the adoption and adaptation for Colombia of international standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). As a result the standards developed in conjunction NTC2140 (for making bandages for medical purposes) and NTC2209 (for purified cotton production for medical use), rules governing today and set the standards of gauze and cotton products to Colombia; being not only the pioneers, but also leaders in quality issues.  



Today, we continue with the same intention to maintain our high quality standards, and therefore certify our Quality Management System with Bureau Veritas-BVQI certificate No. CO230163, the first company in Colombia specializing in the manufacture of gauze and Class I medical-surgical devices, to seek and obtain certification ISO9001: 2000. We are currently in the updating of the quality standard ISO9001: 2008 and the adoption of other international standards, which makes us feel proud to continue offering the best product on the market with a company that backs its quality.  



  • Quality Policy.

                    We are committed to providing our customers, medical and surgical devices of high quality, safe, reliable, effective, with superior performance to meet their needs through efficient production, effective distribution, and excellent service delivery, supported by a philosophy of continuous improvement, innovation, and skilled personnel.