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Gauze swabs

Although all medical gauzes seems equal, our product is different from the others by far. Just view it in zoom, to understand why the gauze Quirutex® has a superior performance of larger gauge wire, the fabric is very firm to avoid landslides, while remaining very soft, completely  impurities free, and unchanged even after sterilization processes. 

  •  Standard Gauze Sponges


They have a high level of absorption, are 100% hypoallergenic, very soft,  neutral pH, made it in  100% natural cotton. Sterilized by steam process in a certified area (sterile presentation), which is the method recommended by WHO for the sterilization of this type of product, as it no leaves  leftovers  that can be harmful to health as well as caring for the environment while they are produced. The package consists of a medical grade bag width a witness of sterilization's process.

Quirutex® Gauze sponges  can be used in multiple applications, cleaning, healing, use in laboratories, medical supplies, and support in the surgeon room. It is made clear so that no wires that could compromise the wound, its manufacturing process under strict aseptic conditions, under international standards does not require pre-washing process, so that the fibers maintain their physical composition at the time they are used.




Available in 2"x2" (5cm x 5cm) 3"x3" 4"x4" (10cmx10cm) in sterile and nonsterile presentation, with or without Rx, with or without priming, in 8, 12 or 16 layers. Packing per unit x 3 units, 5 units per 100 units and 500 units for presentation by non-sterile, and 1 unit, 3 to 5 units on  medical grade bag to sterile presentation.

Available in USP / BP IV to VII, and Premium and Standard grades.





  •  Surgical gauze sponges and drainage


Quirutex® precut surgical gauze, made it to be used  in surgery. Support  drainage,  high absorption and a good fluid retention. Completely hypoallergenic, manufactured under USP standards.



Sterile medical grade bag per unit, or 100 units pr packing to non-sterile presentation.




  •   Other gauze products


We have different presentations surgical gauze, sterile and nonsterile, with or without Rx, as standard, or premium grade,  USP V-VII, also develop products tailored to customer needs. (See also gauze sponges, lap compresses, dressings).

For other sizes or presentations please contact our sales team.


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