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Cotton Bandages

Quirutex® cotton bandages  possess great softness, manufactured in a cotton pad for use under fixed bandage and  other orthopedic uses. They are completely hypoallergenic, and have a smooth surface, free from impurities, without getting rid of integrity are maintained easily under immobilization bandages, and allow the body's natural perspiration.




Available in roll per  2"x5 yds, 3"x5 yds, 4"x5 yds,5"x5 yds, y 6"x5 yds. And of 2"x4 yds, 2"x4 yds, 3"x4 yds, 4"x4 yds, 5"x4 yds, 5"x4 yds, and 6"x4 yds.


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