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Elastic Bandages


The new elastic bands VELQUIX of Quirutex® are the result of evolution, a product designed to provide the best quality / price ratio. Some of its features are:

  • Adequate vascular compression in standard ranges, in order to prevent damage associated with it.
  • Incomparable softness to prevent friction marks and uncomfortable on the skin during use.
  • END THERMAL endings, to avoid problems by type endings steak, and also preventing the damage and uncomfortable on skin.
  • Metal  hooks support steam sterilization, no rust and is not easily deformed during application or use.
  • Allows any sterilization method, and washed in normal conditions without deterioration.
  • The reinforced fabric does not run easily in normal applications of the product, extending the lifetime of the band.
  • LATEX FREE! The elastic fiber is completely free of latex to prevent allergies related to this product.
  • Produced in cotton / synthetic fiber, to achieve the balance between transpiration and avoid excess moisture. Problems associated as a result of using a single material (synthetic or natural only) in the the elastic band composition.
  • Guaranteed quality Quirutex®
Vendas Elásticas Quirutex (disponible en blanco y color piel)  


Available in roll of 2"x5 yds, 3"x5 yds, 4"x5 yds,5"x5 yds, y 6"x5 yds.

Available in White or skin color.


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