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Lap sponges

Quirutex® lap sponges  are made from 100% cotton fibers are not derived therefrom, are free of dyes and potentially harmful substances, as well as holding the handle (readiness) is also 100% cotton making them completely hypoallergenic. High resistance, retention and absorption makes them unique, in addition possess an element of radiopaque contrast high definition (RX-H) to avoid problems by hiding

  •  Lap sponges


The Quirutex® lap sponges  are the best in its genre. Successfully meet and exceed all standards set by the USP (United States Pharmacopeia). Our processes of sanitation and treatment of the fabric, we can alter the composition of the micro-level fiber product, which allows for greater absorption and fluid retention strength like no other market.

Sterilized by steam process in a certified area (sterile presentation), which is the method recommended by WHO for the sterilization of this type of product, as it no leaves  leftovers  that can be harmful to health as well as caring for the environment while they are produced. The package consists of a medical grade bag width a witness of sterilization process.




Available in different sizes ranging from 7 "x8" (for neonate), 18 "x18" (45 cm.x 45 cm) to 47 "x20", type USP / BP IV to VII and diaper type (cloth extra) qualityPremium and economic. With or without radiopaque contrast element, with or without handles of readiness, and non-sterile estértil and with or without type handle triage.


For other sizes or presentations, please contact our sales department.





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