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IRIS MEDICALCARE S.A.S.  is a Colombian company borned in 1983, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of medical surgical class I and II, largely products of gauze, specialized dressings  bandages, elastic bandages, bandages fixed, cotton,  and related disposable; both sterile and non sterile, complying with international standards and standards bodies such as USP (United States Pharmacopeia), BP (British Pharmacopeia) among others.

The aim of our company is to offer a clearly differentiated product with high quality and superior performance, which challenges us to maintain high standards of quality in all our processes, both manufacturing and distribution.

We have the technology,  certified infrastructure,  and the best human capital to bring excellent products and services, based on a philosophy of continuous improvement, ensuring our customers meet their needs and expectations, that is why our products under the Quirutex®  and Quirutex Medical® brands are widely recognized in the market as the best of its kind, which is why we have become leaders and authority in the sector.


Our customers


Our customers are public and private hospitals and health institutions, superstores,  drugstores, army, specialized rescue teams and disaster care companies, among others. Our sales team and authorized distributors group are located along the national geography, and are in continuous development of this same figure internationally. We offer technical support for our customers to deliver quality service and have the appropriate product warranty. We are interested in maintaining a high level of satisfaction of our customers, what they have shown our seriousness in the enforcement of contracts, bidding, procurement and other processes that develop with us.

We have the ability to export our products, experience and infrastructure to do so. We have therefore complied with products destined for several Latin American countries throughout our history.

As manufacturer specialized, we have the knowledge to advise and develop tailored products that can meet the needs of our customers. 


Core Values


Nuestros valores forman parte de la diferencia de nuestro producto:

  • Respect.

We believe that the basis of a good product is the respect to the neighbor. It is an ineffable element that must be maintained all time to inside to our  company, we express this to our customers, partners and supplies in a good teamwork while maintaining a constructive and collaborative environment.  

  • Trust.

As a signature of what we do, trust has always been our hallmark of quality assurance in all our years of experience, our brand is synonymous with security of asepsis, and that the product will fulfill its purpose at the time of use. It is in short, an excellent result for a job well done.

  • Loyalty.

Our basic principles include a sense of belonging, high ethical principles and loyalty to our company and the achievement of the objectives with our clients. Well as maintaining the high quality of our product, always in impeccable condition and accurate.

  • Continuous improvement.

We have established that things can make him better, and therefore we are always seeking new and better ways to develop, produce and deliver better products and services under a continuous learning and a continuing desire to overcome the challenges.

  • Commitment.

Our responsibility with the quality makes us a true commitment to the responsible development of our society, resulting not only in the pursuit of personal gain, but also those who market and use our products. Our manufacturing processes are also a reflection of our commitment against the responsible care of the environment, and with the ultimate goal for which our product is made: we produce quality products to heal more soon.